Mike Maloney: “Why Is Saving for Retirement Now Impossible?”

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by Alexander Trigaux, Editor, GoldSilver

Mike Maloney’s father had passbook savings accounts (those are his actual passbooks in the video) that returned 13.1%. Mike Maloney had passbook savings accounts that returned 16.9%!

At interest rates like these, it’s no wonder that the age-old wisdom of “Save 10% of your income and you’ll be able to retire comfortably” worked for generations.

Enter the Fed.

Printing US dollars backed by nothing, without limit, the central bank buys assets. This buying drives the prices of these assets up. In the case of bonds, as prices rise due to this governmental buying barrage, yields fall.

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So as massive amounts of unearned, ultimately worthless fiat capital floods the bond market (competing with the hard-earned money of US workers), interest rates fall to next to nothing. This forces retirement capital into ever-riskier assets (like stocks) as workers chase the investment returns they’ll need in order to retire.

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The results has been the Everything Bubble, as stocks, bonds, and real estate, all at once, have reached all-time overvalued levels. While at the same time, incredibly, both gold and silver are currently at 50-year inflation-adjusted lows. Hear more, straight from Mike, below:


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