Mike Rowe Warns That 7 million American Men are ‘Done’ Looking for Work

by Chris Black

Oy gevalt, how am I supposed to parasite off the working class if they’re not producing in excess?

It’s almost like people aren’t interested in wasting half their waking life wage slaving for Mr. Noseberg, and not even being able to afford a studio apartment.

>While the U.S. labor market remains incredibly tight — with the economy adding another 263,000 jobs in November — around 7 million “prime age” men between the ages of 25 and 54 are reportedly sitting it out.

>“They are affirmatively not looking for work. They’ve punched out. They’re done,” TV host Mike Rowe said on The Brian Kilmeade Show, citing research from economist Nick Eberstadt.

>”So what’s really happening in the country now that scares me right to my core fundamentally is that we’ve never had so much unrealized opportunity and so little enthusiasm for it.”

Oh shit, I’m going to go take that job flipping burgers at McDonald’s right now, thanks Mike!!

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The whole West moved production to Asia.  The West put all of their eggs into one basket. 

Wtf did you expect?

 Roll in imaginary, none productive office jobs?

You want to help Americans like you?

 Build a factory and make a product, hire people like you to work it. 

Make people’s lives better.


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