Mike Tyson Admits He’s a Conservative: ‘It’s Common Sense, Looking at the World We Have Now’

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Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has shocked the world by admitting that he’s a conservative because “it’s common sense” when “looking at the world we have now.”

Tyson made the comments in an interview with “The Record With Greta Van Susteren” on Newsmax.

He told the host he was a liberal when he was young but, as he gets older, he grows more conservative because “I look at my children.”

“Listen, if I start talking politics, my friends aren’t going to like me,” Tyson said when Van Susteren asked him whether he leans more Left or Right.

“Let’s just not do that, OK? Let’s just not do that.

“My family gets mad, my friends get mad when we talk politics.

“When I was younger, I was all-out liberal.

“But as I get older, and I look at my children, and I see what’s out there in the world, I get a little conservative.

“It’s common sense, looking at the world we have now. You want safety.”



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