Military Coup Underway In Venezuela, Starting Shots Fired. Mass Casualties Expected

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via Zerohedge:

update 3Things are getting hotter in Venezuela, as Reuters reports that a pro-Guaidó gathering at the La Carlota military air base came under fire and shot back.

In this video, what sounds like gunfire can be heard.

update 2Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Guaidó has the White House’s full support in the opposition leader’s call for military uprising against Maduro, and is monitoring closely.

There are further unconfirmed reports suggesting limited groups of National Guard soldiers may be defecting to the Guaido-led opposition, and at least some videos coming out of Caracas appear to show clashes between the rival factions, but Maduro is claiming to have the “total loyalty” of the armed forces.

Clashes appear to be focused outiside La Carlota Air Force base in Caracas, where Guaido’s opposition assembly has announced they will meet later in the day.



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