Millennials REGRET Buying Their Homes! Too Much DEBT and Sinking Fast

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Do you think that the prices of homes have become unaffordable for the average family/person? (Anywhere globally)

Millennials are so heavily in debt that it has become such a burden on them financially, they are now in a state of regret. Costs are adding up and the debt only gets worse. Of course, the predatory lending institutions are there to force as much onto you as they possibly can. They want to maximize the product that they sell. And so they do. Millennials are already starting to feel the burn, and it has only just begun.

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Student Loans Prevent Nearly 20% of Millennials From Buying a Home – BNN Bloomberg

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Two-thirds of millennial homeowners regret buying home

Regrets, They Have A Few, Most Millennial Homeowners Say In Survey |

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63% of millennial homebuyers have regrets—here’s why



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