Millennials: Why You Will NEVER Buy A Home! Half Have $0 Saved and In MASSIVE DEBT!

Why are millennials unable to AFFORD a home?


The Federal Reserve initiated the most reckless, foolish set of measures in the last century with their Quantitative Easing policy. Even after it was stated that QE basically didn’t work as they expected it to, they still engaged in 3 rounds, plus Operation Twist. In December 2015, the Federal Reserve finally began to increase interest rates from the lowest level ever in history. Here we are 3 years later and it’s still near historic lows. The Fed still has over $4 trillion worth of printed fiat garbage sitting in it’s digital, fiction fairy tale balance sheets, rotting and destroying to value of every American saver. This institution is doing a major disservice to everyone in the United States and it should be immediately abolished by the congress for its ceaseless attack on the public. Instead what will happen is that the media will praise their actions, Ben Bernanke on the cover of The Atlantic magazine as “Hero” will remain a reality for so many people, and people will beg and plead for the Fed to save the day once again.


Markets: Indexes, Bonds, Forex, Key Commodities, ETFs

Stocks rebound a day after S&P 500 falls to new low for 2018

SP500-Index-Comparison-121818.png (990×438)

2018-12-18_4-43-16_0.jpg (890×572)

2018-12-16_19-14-28_0.jpg (502×351)

2018-12-18_10-56-04.jpg (890×422)

fms profits 2019.jpg (731×398)

2018-12-18_12-22-05.jpg (890×465)

2018-11-05_13-39-15_0.jpg (890×557)

market shock bofa.jpg (1079×532)

gs frag 1.jpg (890×812)

Big Oil Stocks Crash As Crude Prices Tumble |

2018-12-18_12-42-03.jpg (890×475)

gs top 50 hedge fund positions q3 2018.jpg (890×951)

most crowded trade dec 2018.jpg (890×813)

biggest tail risk dec 2018.jpg (879×890)

biggest tail risk dec 2018 detail.jpg (738×367)

most crowded usd detail dec 2018.jpg (729×369)

Greenspan to investors: ‘Run for cover’ – CNN

Gundlach: The Fed should not raise rates this week – YouTube


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