Mish Shedlock and Max Keiser discuss where the Fed is leading the markets

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As financial markets begin the year with huge volatile swings and job numbers surprise to the upside, Double Down talks to Mish Shedlock of MishTalk.com about what the Federal Reserve will do now that investors had priced in a rate cut in March: can the Fed do that in face of booming employment numbers and rising wages? And what about Warren Buffett, who seems to have poured 25% of his legendary portfolio into Apple shares right at the top.

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Those shares are down over $450 billion in market capitalization since AAPL’s all-time high: is the market right? And the greatest value investor of all time wrong? Mish thinks that Warren Buffett may, indeed, be wrong and that Apple had already saturated the market in an even more saturated market filled with competitors. The only thing holding steady in the jittery markets of the past few weeks is gold. Is that in a new bull market? Mish believes we could be back in a secular bull. Tune in to hear more.

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