Mish: When Everyone Is Shorting Gold

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by SP

Mish posts and ZH picks up his assessment and adds a few charts.

From the WSJ:

Investors are placing a record number of bets that a protracted slump in gold prices will continue as the metal is punished by a strengthening U.S. dollar and rising interest rates.

Hedge Funds are holding overwhelming short positions in gold.

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And the MSM beats the drums for Gold’s decline.

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And Peter Atwater notes:


So what happens when the boat is loaded with everyone sitting only on the short side?

I’m pretty firmly in the camp that the prestigious MSM outlets are the vehicles through which the oligarchy guides the sheeple to the desired viewpoint, not simply a source of good informaion or anlysis.

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The goal is to get the herd moving the way that they want them to go.  What do our handlers want?



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