Misleading Misinformation: Ideological Traps | Beware of False Truths & Broken Promises

by TheAngryHippii

Misleading information is the bane of all who are undergoing the process of self-actualization. Or as some refer to it, awakening. The problem therein lies the fact that we are forced to interpret our past based off of our perception. And, our perception can be manipulated by those who pose themselves to be the bearers of truth.

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Beware the bearers of false truths and broken promises. For they take the shape and form of all ideologies and religions that appease us. And, if not careful, one will find themselves leaving one religion to adopt another.

Any ideology that’s followed without question is in effect, a religion. Which serves as an indoctrination program — a belief system — designed by those who wish to make a profit off of people.|

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And for those who think I’m a college kid who is brainwashed, check out this video which completely bashes the education system:


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