MLB Asking Fans about Political Affiliation

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Hey baseball fans, if you’ve attended a Major League Baseball game recently, the league has some questions about your experience: How was the view from your seat? How long did you have to wait for food? How many innings did you stay?

Oh, and also, are you a Republican or a Democrat?

The question about political affiliation is part of the extensive fan surveys MLB is conducting this year around the ballpark experience, which the league says is to gain knowledge about fan perceptions, preferences, and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the question also is being asked as a poll shows MLB’s favorability rating among Republicans has plummeted since its decision to pull this year’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta because of allegations by Democrats that Georgia’s new voting law is racist. MLB officials say the two things aren’t related – the league says it actually started asking the political affiliation question during the 2020 postseason – but the question could raise concerns among conservative baseball fans about how the increasingly “woke” league will use the information.

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