Modern Russia is the USSR with a Cheap Orthodox Christian Veneer

by Chris Black

This article was written by one of Putin’s presidential advisors:

“It’s time for the Global Majority to take their rightful place at the top table.”

“New bodies are beginning to emerge to which the future belongs. They are the SCO, ASEAN+, the Organisation of African Unity and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).”

“the UN system […] urgently needs reform to primarily represent the Global Majority in the secretariat”

“The West will have to shrink […] this beautiful vision has to be fought for.”

“the main thrust of the offensive from the perspective of world history, not just Russian history, is the struggle for the final liberation of the planet from the 500-year-old Western yoke”

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So, how exactly does this differ from Western globalism? 

They both want an anti-White, brown-led world government.

Western governments and intelligence agencies are not the only people who are trying to screw us over. The modern Russian state is as anti-White and anti-nationalist as the West’s postwar occupation governments.

Note that Russia is also using the Left’s new rhetorical term “Global Majority,” which seems to have been coined by Black Marxist academics in the UK .

Since Whites will soon be minorities both globally and within our own countries, the Left is shifting rhetoric from “respect the minorities (brown people), you racist bigot!” to “respect the Global Majority (brown people), you racist bigot!”

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