Moderna’s bad ethics go beyond management sell-off… vaccine itself is overhyped. DD inside.

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by xDaraku

First of all, like you, I am also a retard. If my life depended on explaining the difference between a T cell and B cell, I’d tell you to just make it quick and painless. Unlike you however, I’m aware of my condition and try to minimize the damage. I took an interest after reading the latest insider sell off on another WSB thread here. Here is a recap of where we are with Moderna:

  • First, I would read the excellent Washington Post article: “A coronavirus vaccine rooted in a government partnership is fueling financial rewards for company executives”. Since your attention span is probably shot from too much KODK bag holding, key points from the article include:
  • Moncef Slaoui, Chief Scientist for Operation Warp Speed, was a board member of Moderna immediately before taking the new government role. It is my opinion that this government relationship with Moderna creates a conflict of interest and plays a part in propelling Moderna’s vaccine hype and continued access to government funding. Slaoui was not required to disclose his holdings and ended up divesting $10 million in Moderna stock options after Moderna received federal funding (source). I believe that is his entire holdings in Moderna so there may not be an apparent conflict moving forward, only unapparent conflict.
  • Moderna’s vaccine tech is based on mRNA carrying a spike protein. The spike protein triggers the immune system to create antibodies and was invented by the NIH and Univ of Texas. Moderna has a “nonexclusive” license to the spike protein patent according to the NIH. In my opinion, this gives Dr. Fauci and the NIH a natural incentive and bias in specifically Moderna’s success. Also, Dr. Fauci and the NIH would probably be more familiar with Moderna and the spike protein rather than the other vaccine candidates since for those they would be on the outside looking in. This would explain Dr. Fauci’s more optimistic stance on Moderna compared to others when discussing with media.
  • Not in the article is an interview by Contagion with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong titled Can Moderna’s COVID 19 Vaccine Generate Lasting Immunity? (it’s a 5 minute youtube clip from a longer interview uploaded July 27). For the uninitiated, Dr. Soon-Shiong is just your normal transplant surgeon/professor/billionaire businessman/inventor of Abraxane which is used to treat lung, breast and pancreatic cancer. For the math nerds, this man has more approved drugs than Moderna (but then again, you have the same amount of approved drugs as Moderna).
  • Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t understand much of the medical jargon being thrown around (again, my retard knows bounds), but it gets really interesting when Dr. Soon-Shiong begins discussing Moderna’s vaccine results from the 3:36 mark. He goes on to say “one of my greatest fears is unfortunately being borne out” in that Moderna’s vaccine results show antibodies but a deeper look at Moderna’s supplement shows that “T cells are quite literally zero” after explaining why T cells are the key to a long term vaccine.
  • At this point, the other oncologist (i.e. cancer doctor), Dr. Adam Brufsky, chimes in with “You’re saying everything I was going to say. You’re stealing a lot of it. Keep going, it’s great!” (yeah, this isn’t directly relevant but I enjoyed the bro moment). Laughs were had by all, then Dr. Soon-Shiong summarizes that he is concerned with an RNA vaccine because “the generation of that RNA is going to happen just for a short period of time and maybe that’s why we’re not generating the T cells from the Moderna results.”
  • Now, I could just trust what the literal Batman of cancer fighting said but I checked the Moderna Preliminary Report published by the New England Journal of Medicine and its Supplementary Index to confirm his T cell claims. Again, I have no idea what a T cell is or does, but I believe Dr. Soon-Shiong was referring to the charts on pages 22-24 of the Supplement which show very little T cell responses, if any.
  • And this is of course in addition to Moderna’s insider sell off where Moderna executives (including CEO, CFO and CMO), board members, and a venture capital fund run by Moderna’s own chairman of the board (Flagship Pioneering) collectively sold almost $101 million worth of stock. The WaPo article above goes into more detail if you missed this gigantic dump signal. How the story ends: Like everybody else I want a vaccine too, but this ain’t the one. In my opinion, it seems Moderna has played the business side of the COVID response perfectly… but at the end of the day, you can’t juke the juice. They bought some time before their house of cards collapse when CEO Stephane Bancel said results could be ready in November. The only thing their delivering in November is a big dose of disappointment, whether it’s in the form of a delay, poor results, or another vaccine does better. Stay away, buy puts, short the stock, whatever you want… but Americans deserve better. If Moderna doesn’t create a vaccine and ends up siphoning nearly $1 billion in federal funding, they better find a vaccine for retardation because I’m going to lose my shit.

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Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence or consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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