Moms Will Win This War

There is an unstoppable movement across the country for citizens to re-take their counties and force forensic audits to address the integrity of the November 2020 Election – and Moms make up much of the movement

If your only source of information is the soft, whispering, melodic gibberish of NPR or the screech of Jason Alexander’s missing twin, Brian Stelter at CNN, you’d assume that life in America had moved on from President Donald J. Trump and the masses in their hovels were rejoicing over higher gas prices, steepening inflation, historic supply chain disruptions, and quickening momentum of a prelude to war with Communist led China.  All well worth a post-Trump world you say.  Spikes in violent crime and Marxist led civil unrest are “not that bad” you tell friends, relatives, and yourself as your Blue State or Blue City de-populates in front of you.  Anything to get past the horrible years of bad Orange Man.

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Shut up, sit down, do what you’re told, and get vaccinated you tell everyone.  80 million Vote Joe ran the most extensive “…Voter Fraud Organization…” , er campaign, ever and everyone else just has to get over it.  Not so fast there, Stacey Abrams breath, November 2020 isn’t over by a longshot.  The movement is now unstoppable.  Individual citizens are hopping mad and self-organizing at a breathtaking pace to force forensic audits in many states beyond the six “in play” states.  And the front-line soldiers in this movement — Moms.


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