Mona Lisa Gets Canceled

by Chris Black

This is why we can’t have nice things anymore. Because trannies, i.e. a man dressed as a woman threw cake at Mona Lisa to protest cow farts or something.

The Guardian:

The Mona Lisa has been left shaken but unharmed after a visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing a cake across its surface in an apparent climate-related publicity stunt.

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Every painting in a museum accessible to the public is a fake. 

One of the conservators of the Cleveland Museum of Art said to me, “Do you really think we’d hang a real priceless Monet on a wall where a little black kid could run up and smear his hands all over it? Give me a break.”

It’s funny how these leftists can do the most anti-social possible actions and continue to be shielded by the media.

Most of the media is not even reporting a vandalism attack on the most famous piece of art that ever existed in history.


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