More chinese real estate developers are close to default on their debt. The contagion is sparking fears

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by TheRealJugger

Seriously, I posted a few months ago talking about the regional branch bank runs and got shit on. But, the problem has only been compounded. Banks in China are now classifying peoples personal savings as “investment products” and halting withdrawals officially. Tanks have been reportedly sent in to protect crisis ridden banks from protesters storming the banks. We shall see if this spreads to all the mainland.

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I feel like China is the elephant in the room, like the bond market, that everyone pretends they know what’s happening and just say its rock solid. Good old SHHina has taken a shlacking the past few months as the facade of the CCP leverage fueled economy is starting to slowdown, especially the retarded property market. History would say that massive upheavals like this usually does not bode well for foreign investment. I wonder what will happen to all the western companies that sacrificed their first borns to gain access to the Chinese market I.E. all of Shenzen, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Disney, etc. etc.

Pulling old reliable, China has turned to Excalibur… Printing more money. It’s a bold move cotton, lets see how it pans out.

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