More price increases

by BeccaBas

I work in distribution, not any of the really big ones but also not small. In my area we get and manage the pricing from our suppliers. I’m seeing an influx of emails announcing 10 to 25% increases effective Jan 1. Normal Jan 1 increases run 3 to 5%. They are citing material costs including metals, plastics, silicon; also costs like labor and logistics. These same companies already gave mid year increases in 2021, sometimes more than once.

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They are often adding that we should expect availability rates at less than 100%, corporate speak for they aren’t sure we’ll get everything we order.

None of this is surprising, just thought I’d share what I’m seeing. I’m planning to get a few things I’ve been wanting but forgetting, electric blanket, lightbulbs etc. Then try to ride out 2022 with minimal purchases beyond basics.


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