More than $100 billion laundered through Vancouver and Toronto since Trudeau has been in office through obvious loopholes

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by OhioBaseball

Ever wonder why there are so many expensive condos in Vancouver and Toronto? *Especially* Vancouver. It’s not like San Francisco which is adjacent to Silicon Valley — there’s no big, legit companies HQ’d in Vancouver. Real estate has become unaffordable for common people in these cities. Canadian media has actually covered the topic of money laundering over the years as these international cities have developed skylines littered with expensive condos similar to Panama City through dirty money. Trudeau has let it happen and not closed obvious loopholes that enable it. Why?

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We’re literally talking about more than $100 billion dollars laundered through Canadian real estate and British Columbia casinos and its been under Trudeau’s watch. How much international influence has been bought through this dirty money in Canada? A lot of it in Vancouver is Chinese, which makes up 20% to 30% of the population in the city. Does this explain how surprisingly authoritarian Canada has become?

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I’ve linked videos and articles below. These are from major news networks in Canada so these aren’t conspiracy channels — it’s accepted as legitimate in the country. It’s shocking. They could make a few seasons of Ozark out of this.

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Chinese gangs launder through BC casinos

Money laundering through Canadian real estate

Documentary on money laundering through BC casinos


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