More than 18,000 Democrats have attended Trump rallies this year

What officials saw at Trump’s Feb. 28 rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, was typical of the audience at five other recent campaign rallies. They told us that 16% of the attendees were black, 28.8% didn’t vote in 2016, and 38.6% were Democrats or independents.

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At Trump’s Feb. 21 rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, 27% of attendees were black, Latino, or nonwhite, and 18% were Democrats. In several of the others, the crowds included sizable numbers of Democrats. In Manchester, New Hampshire, on Feb. 10, 25.4% of attendees were Democrats, and in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Jan. 28, 26.3% were Democrats.

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Those figures from the campaign suggest that of the 67,000 who have gotten into venues to attend Trump rallies in the past two months, about 18,500 were Democrats and independents. And many reports have shown that thousands more have been turned away from full convention halls.