More US Dollar Agreements Happening

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

February Gold is trading flat to lower with the last price at $1,834.60, down $2.80 after the dip to $1,826.80 with the high to beat at $1,844.40. March Silver is down 16.4 cents with the last price at $23.90, recovering from the low at $23.69 with the high at $24.195. At this second, the US Dollar is virtually flat at 90.82, oops, now it’s up 18.8 at 91.005, as this trade (game) continues to play out with the high at 91.05 and the low at 90.63. Of course, all this happened, while few are watching, before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and about an hour and fifteen minutes after this currency swap agreement started again before Monday’s Comex Currency rollover.

In Venezuela, Gold is now priced at 18,323.07 Bolivar, providing another 58.92 discount for today’s buyer over yesterday’s trades with Silver’s last swap at 238.701, down only 0.699 of a Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso price for Gold is now at 150,509.38, a loss of 376.07 A-Peso’s overnight with Silver down 4.03 A-Peso’s with the last trade at 1,960.97. Turkey’s Lira price for Gold is now at 14,477.39, down only 6.65 T-Lira with Silver’s last price at 188.602, barely registering a loss of 0.027 of a T-Lira. Since this US Dollar Currency agreement was popped in this past Wednesday, the emerging markets currencies we watch, apparently have had only minor corrections.

December Silver’s Delivery Demands now has a total of 1,015 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts and with a Volume of 2 up on the board with one price at $23.985, down 4.6 cents while paper pushes the futures prices even lower. Yesterday’s activity inside the delivery’s happened in between a high of $24.31 and the low of $23.945 with the last swap at $24.02, a gain of 9 cents with the Comex Close Calculated at $24.031, registering a gain of 10.1 cents, that had a total of 23 swaps helping to reduce the Demand count by 80 contracts that got their receipts somewhere in the mix between here and London. Silver’s Overall Open Interest gained 432 additional contracts in order to add liquidity bringing this early morning total to 154,316 paper contracts to trade against what’s left of the physicals.

December Gold’s Delivery Demands are still super elevated with the count at 7,704 fully paid for contracts and with a Volume of 16 up on the board with a trading range between $1,838.50 and $1,829.10 with the last agreed upon swap at $1,833.90, up 30-cents so far today. Yesterday’s full Ice/Comex trades happened in between $1,849.10 and $1,828 with the last swap at $1,835.50, a gain of 90 cents, with the Calculated Comex Close at $1,833.60 proving a $1 loss that had a total of 177 contracts swapping hands helping to reduce the demand count by 381 contracts that got receipts or something. Gold’s Overall Open Interest is showing the pump and dump play as they continue to control the prices bringing todays early morning total to 543,159 contracts as 2,550 short trades left the field of play since yesterday morning’s count.

I’ve observed the US Dollar’s activity over the past few days and cannot think of any other way to describe what has happened, except to say, this is organized. This is not the first time these trades have occurred, and I am curious why none of the currency experts have yet to address this anomaly? Maybe there are no more currency experts anymore, since it’s all under the control of a computer Algo.

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While this agreed upon trade continues, we see more European bonds go negative, after the ECB pumped in a half a billion Euro’s to keep the system afloat for a little longer. Some of Italy’s, Portugal, (as well as other nations under EU control), debts have already turned, now Spain’s debt-plays, have been added to the list, and have turned negative. We expect the rest to eventually do the same as we move forward into the great reset.

Today is the first day of Hannukah, in which we offer a deep bow of respect, with next week being the Triple Witch Week, where the currencies get rolled out into the next quarter (March), US Treasuries and debts get settled and rolled, and then the stock options, single stock futures, get cleared. In short, a giant central banker’s inventory count. This is also the last TWW of the year, and we still are waiting for the Supreme court to hear the electoral arguments. What can go wrong?

Have a great weekend and keep smiling. Gold and Silver in hand, has made many, comfortable because it’s no longer at risk inside the markets. Keep it close and hold on tight. As always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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