Mortgage Delinquencies Hit 10 Year High! Unprecedented Wave of Store Closures Confirmed!

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The unbelievable rise of stocks has been unfazed throughout this period of trauma, of stress, and of ultimate chaos. Look around and the stats have ranged from below normal to absolutely horrible. What’s the solution? Growth. Growth will fix it all. And what we can’t grow out of, we’ll just add more taxation to fill those gaps. What a load of garbage. But I guess people are servants to their overlords anyway. They’ll accept what they’re given, regardless of how bad it gets. Just give them their Panem et Circenses, their bread and circus. 


Black Knight’s First Look at July 2020 Mortgage Data

Mortgage delinquencies are on the rise – The Washington Post

Bubble Watch: 5.5% of mortgages in California are delinquent – Orange County Register

American Airlines is cutting 19,000 jobs when federal aid expires in October

More Than Half Of San Francisco Storefronts Closed Due To Pandemic – CBS San Francisco

The Great Inflation Debate Is Heating Up With Trillions at Stake – Bloomberg

Winter is coming — and restaurants are scrambling – CNN

Inflation will become a serious headwind on a vaccine: Peter Boockvar,As%20U.S.%20makes%20progress%20on%20the%20virus%20front%2C%20Peter%20Boockvar,with%20or%20without%20Fed%20involvement&text=With%20or%20without%20the%20Federal,inflation%20is%20making%20a%20comeback.

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Condo Supply Soars in Greater Downtown Miami

N.J. Budget’s $1 Billion in New Taxes Targets Millionaires – Bloomberg


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