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Third arrest made from protest shooting in downtown Provo.

Police arrested a third person in connection with a violent incident during a protest in downtown Provo on June 29.

Ogden native Bradley Walters was taken to the Utah County Jail on Wednesday night on felony charges of aggravated assault and rioting.

An affidavit of probable cause was filed by Provo Police explaining Walters’ involvement in the incident at the intersection of University Avenue and Center Street on June 29.

“Bradley Walters was recorded in the middle of the intersection pulling a revolver handgun and pointed it at the driver of the vehicle as Jesse (Taggart) was chasing the vehicle through the intersection,” the affidavit says. “Bradley continued running after the vehicle while pointing his gun at the driver, until the vehicle was gone.”

Police found the gun still in Walters’ possession when he spoke to them later that night. Taggart, who was arrested June 30 on attempted aggravated murder charges, fired multiple rounds at the car as it attempted to turn onto Center Street and then as it sped away down University Avenue.

Throw the book at these entitled jerks.



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