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NY Times: The place where George Floyd died has become a police no-go zone and a place of nightly violence.

The NY Times reports that the area in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed has become a memorial of sorts for people from all over the country who come to pay their respects. Because of the obvious tension with police, it has also become a no-go zone for the cops. And that has been fine during the day when things remain peaceful, but at night it becomes a different story:

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Two months after the police killing of George Floyd, the four-block area of South Minneapolis where he gasped his last breaths remains a sacred space, a no-go zone for officers. There is a neatly trimmed garden, anchored by a sculpture of a raised fist. There are colorful murals and the words “I can’t breathe” painted across the pavement, as well as the names of dozens of other Black people killed by the police.

At night, though, the space is increasingly a battleground, with shootings and drug overdoses. The area has had an uptick in gun violence similar to what other cities have seen in the wake of protests…

“What people aren’t recognizing is that people who live there are having a very, very challenging time from the unlawfulness that is occurring after the sun goes down,” said Andrea Jenkins, a member of the City Council whose district includes the memorial space. “There are constant gunshots every night. Emergency vehicles can’t get in. Disabled people are not able to access their medications, their appointments, their food deliveries, et cetera. It’s a very challenging situation.”

A woman named Ms. Dawkins who lives in the neighborhood agreed that things are fine during the day but at night, she’s afraid of the violence and is aware that calling the police is no longer an option:

“But when the other crowd comes at night, I can’t call the police, and that scares the hell out of me,” she said. Ms. Dawkins pointed to a gunshot in the windshield of her car, a gold sedan.

“We have kids in this home, so I do want police to protect families,” she said. “It’s a hard balance. I’m happy this incident brought change, but I want to feel safe.”

What’s Really Going on in Seattle?

Are they peaceful protests or are they riots? Bonneville’s KTTH-AM Seattle host Jason Rantz was in the middle of the mayhem for ten hours this past Saturday. We spoke to Rantz yesterday to get his take on the situation.

* * * * * * * *

Radio Ink: How is it being covered locally?

Rantz: Locally, radio and TV covered it well, highlighting the destruction and how out of control it got. The Seattle Times, however, was embarrassing in their coverage. They downplayed the violence significantly, they implied police were to blame, and took 14 paragraphs before they even got to the arson, and 18 paragraphs before they got to the munition attack.

Read the whole thing.

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PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION INTENSIFIED: Antifa militia group encourages Facebook followers to shoot Federal agents “in the face.”

Over the weekend there were multiple shootings at “mostly peaceful” demonstrations across the US. In Louisville, KY, three members of the Black Nationalist militia group, NFAC, were injured due to a negligent discharge from one of their own members. In Aurora, CO, a “mostly peaceful” demonstrator who was blocking traffic opened fire on motorists who did not stop and wait to be assaulted by the mob. In Austin, TX, an armed Black Lives Matter protester was killed after allegedly pointing his gun at a motorist, who then shot the protester in self defense. These tragic shootings follow an ongoing campaign of agitation, targeted political violence, and organized insurgency. And while DNC leaders like Senator Nadler claim this violence is “just a myth“, it is unquestionably escalating in frequency, intensity, and organization.

The latest example of this escalation comes from the Columbia, SC based far-left militia group, Civil Defense Corps. According to their website, they are actively recruiting “former infantry” and will be using these armed “Reserve Units” to “investigate hate crimes and threats against minorities as well as the LGBTQ+ community”. The group claims to be a 501(c)3 and even has a somewhat formal application process. In addition to general employment information and professional references, there are four questions for the applicant. The first two are “Are you comfortable around firearms?” and “What is your opinion on MAGA?”.



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