Mother Pleads for Help After Son Removed From Her Care Over Facebook Post Without a Mask

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Melanie Joseph has been fighting with the courts for the past year after her son was removed from her care over a Facebook post where she was not wearing a mask.
Now, she is pleading with the public for help as she attempts to take on the corrupt system.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Joseph explained that her case set a dangerous precedent, one in which the court system can coerce parents into relinquishing their medical freedom of choice and bodily autonomy — or risk never seeing their children again.

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Last year, Broward County, Florida Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen indefinitely suspended parental timesharing of Joseph’s 14-year-old son Logan. The shocking move was because his father brought the court a photo of her not wearing a mask prior to an oral surgery appointment. Her son was not with her during the appointment and masks were not yet mandatory in her area.

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