MSFT: What to expect moving forward

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by curiousprovisions

You might’ve read my post yesterday prior to today’s court ruling. For those that have short-term calls, sorry for your lost tendies. For those that are holding past March, stay strong — tendies will be crispy.

Here’s my rational from past ER:

  • Microsoft’s commercial cloud growth up 39%
  • Office 365 commercial rev growth up 27%
  • Windows OEM revenue up 18%.
  • MSFT Divided date: 02/19/20

They are diversified and vaccinated from the gay-ass coronavirus with strong passive inflow from Nasdaq 100, SPY and over 277 ETFs have MSFT in their top 15 holdings.

Today, Evercore ISI raised PT to $212 from $190. I expect Heather Bellini, analyst at Goldman Sachs, to raise PT for Microsoft very soon. Here’s her take on FastMoney yesterday stating she’s not only bullish short-term, but long-term as well. Goldman Sachs also listed Microsoft in their 16 recommended software and service companies today: “Goldman team prefers companies in the subcategory of software and services, and offers 16 names within that category that it says offer “high and stable sales growth, high [return on equity], and trade at reasonable valuations.”

Last, but not least, (sighs) the JEDI contract is still awarded to Microsoft (fuck you Jeff).

Next steps:

1) “Amazon must submit a plan for offering the money to the court by next Thursday, and it must agree to redactions to the judge’s order no later than Feb. 27 so that it can be made public.”

2) “On Thursday, Judge Campbell-Smith also required that Amazon pay a $42 million deposit that the court will hold in case it later determines that the injunction was wrongfully issued and that Microsoft is owed damages”

Source: NYT

The next few weeks might be fake and gay, excluding dividends on 02/19, but Microsoft will summon sweet fat tendies. Love ya’ll.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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