MSM/[CB] Plan Just Failed, Watch What Happens Next, and Fell Right Into The Trap, Next Wave Coming, Pain

The establishment is starting to realize that the BREXIT is going to happen, no matter what they do nothing will stop it. Nigel Farage explains that closing parliament is a normal process. Scottish tory leader resigns, I believe we will be seeing more individuals in the UK resign. MSM /CB plan failed, they tried pushing recession, they are showing polls that people believe a recession is coming, but there is one problem, people are spending. Trump goes after the Fed again, its all according to the plan.

Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of the presidential race. Mitt Romney has a new nickname for himself. The IG report on [JC] was released, it shows that [JC] violated the FBI policies, and he was in possession of classified information. Trap set, fell right into it. Next wave coming. Peace deal with Afghanistan has been prepared and is ready to implement. What we are witnessing is military planning at it’s finest.



h/t Annie Oakley


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