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by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

The best thing to come out of this scamdemic is the eye-opening realization that the mainstream media lies for the puppets in the government.  This is now well-known information and they have officially lost control of the official narrative. A majority of people have woken up.

There’s nowhere to go but a free society from here. People have figured it out in record numbers. Complete sovereignty over yourself without a ruler is imminent at this point. Even NBC News is now spinning it back on the government (the states), even though they, as a mainstream media outlet, continually pushed the fearful narrative and reported on the over-exaggerated numbers on a regular basis.

This article by NBC News titled “I’m Looking FOr the Truth”: States Face Criticism For COVID-19 Data Cover-ups” is nothing more than a fear-based piece of straight propaganda. They are trying way too hard to keep their official narrative going, and it’s so easy to see it now.

NBC News actually expects us to believe that the truth people are looking for is for the government to overinflate the numbers further and tell us to stay in our homes away from others.  The truth they want you to believe is that the government is not locking us down for long enough. The truth we are expected to accept is that in order to save us, the government must control and enslave us.

Instead of choosing to face what they’ve done, and own up to the lies and propaganda, they tried to use to control and enslave us, media outlets are now saying state governments should be responsible. If you think they’ve “seen the error of their ways,” you’d be wrong. MSM is doubling down harder on the fear-mongering.  Take this snippet as an example:

While the U.S. has reported more cases and deaths than any other country, the method for counting COVID-19 deaths varies by state. In testimony before the Senate earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said the actual number of people who’ve died as a result of the pandemic is “almost certainly” higher than what’s been counted. –NBC News

The bottom line, is they want you to still believe the lies, and demand that the government lie more and continue to sell you fear so you can be more easily manipulated and controlled. They need you to allow them to control what you think and how you behave.

Do not let them panic you. This is their attempt to try to keep control, which they’ve already lost. Too many people see through the facade. The veil has been lifted. There’s nothing they can do about it now.

The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

The mainstream media, the government, the elitists, the ruling class, the globalists, don’t like it when people wake up an realize they were born free and owe their lives to no one else. And that’s what’s happening at an alarming rate. People are no longer accepting their enslavement. It’s over for the ruling class. They had centuries of control and rulership over billions upon billions of people using mind control techniques and manipulations through fear.  But that’s all ending.  People are awake. People know they aren’t alone. People are now united to take their power back and remove it from the law enforcers and governments.

People are beginning to fight back and stand up for others, even against law enforcement. There’s no turning back now.  No doubt, the mainstream media will continue to fight the government and ruling class’ battles.  They will continue with the fear and keep trying to panic you into staying afraid in your home. What can you do? Live freely. Get some Vitamin D from the sun and enjoy a life of freedom and self-ownership.

We do want the truth.  But most of us already know it and it’s this: we don’t need you (the MSM, the ruling class, the elitists, the government). You need us, and we’ve withdrawn our consent to be controlled, governed, and enslaved.


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