MSM Launches All Out Attack On Infowars For Questioning Parkland, FL Shooting Narrative

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The establishment is pushing for gun control harder than ever in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. President Trump has even called for strengthened background checks, another look into the legality of bump stocks and possibly more. Also, Christian evangelist Rev. Billy Graham has passed away at age 99. Guest host Milo Yiannopoulos will talk with journalist Laura Loomer who is in Florida investigating the recent school shooting.

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4 thoughts on “MSM Launches All Out Attack On Infowars For Questioning Parkland, FL Shooting Narrative

  1. Sheriff Scott Israel is a Hillary Clinton supporter …… they wanted a mass shooting for political purposes …… to undermine Trump for ONE to take guns is TWO ….. THERE WERE 22 INCIDENTS with just that Hillary supporting Sheriff’s Department MANY warnings that THEY IGNORED. Then there were warnings to the FBI and Lord knows who else. Would Hillary supporters murder innocent children? They did in Libya and WACO. …….

  2. “The Whole World is Watching” It sure is ….. watching America’s so-called men cry like 12 year old girls. Sam Zeif , what a PANSY, cries like someone took his purse away. David Hogg, too stupid to remember his lines ,,,,, the Whole World is LAUGHING.
    This MOB wants to Base your laws on emotion ….. like any LYNCH MOB ….. just like the shooters do.
    Maybe the prissy little gender-uncertain twits would like to remove the 13th & 19th Amendments too ……

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