MSM Spent 298 Secs On Hunter’s Laptop Since NYT

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On March 16, The New York Times belatedly confirmed that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real and not an example of “Russian disinformation.” If the liberal broadcast networks were waiting for an all-clear to admit the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story (that was first broken by the New York Post way back on October 14, 2020) was real and legitimate, this was it.

See also  IRS whistleblower breaks cover after claiming Hunter Biden was given preferential treatment (our national descent into a corrupt banana republic is officially complete, now that the Democrats & their Deep State enforcers have subverted all of our institutions of governance)

Still it’s been mostly silence from the networks. Since publication of that New York Times story (155 days ago) the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks on their evening, morning and Sunday roundtable shows have spent a total of 298 seconds (4 minutes, 59 seconds) on it. Of that total, 74 seconds (1 minute, 14 seconds) used dismissive language.

The most recent mention was (65 days ago). After a whopping 599 days straight without talking about it, ABC News reminded their viewers about Hunter Biden’s laptop! Well, sort of.


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