MSNBC FOUNDER: Biden’s Not ‘Ready For Prime Time Election Season,’

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MSNBC Founder Admits That Biden’s Not ‘Ready For Prime Time Election Season,’ Even With ‘Softball’ Interviews

MSNBC and CNBC founder Tom Rogers, who is currently the editor-at-large with Newsweek, believes that Joe Biden is not “ready for prime time election season,” and has been unable to articulate a winning message — even with all the “softball” interviews he’s been doing.

Trump has been dominating the media as we all know and Biden has not been in the spotlight, but that is going to shift, and when it shifts Biden needs to perform,” Rogers said. “The bottom line is the candidate needs to able to articulate a clear and convincing message and particularly when it comes to the pandemic, what my piece says is he’s not there yet.”

It pains me to say this, it really does, but his performance in being able to come up with a compelling narrative and a passionate story line that really is ready for prime time election season — when it comes to talking about the legacy of Donald Trump, of mass death and economic collapse — he’s just not there yet,” he continued. “His performances have been very unsatisfying and basically he’s been getting softball interviews with the exception of yours, Mika, on the sexual harassment issue.”

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Democratic communications strategist Lis Smith discusses her view on how Joe Biden can beat Trump from his basement. Adrienne Elrod and Tom Rogers also joins the discussion. Aired on 05/11/2020.



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