MSNBC Host: “It’s Our Job to Control What People Think.”

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This MSNBC host had been in the process of discussing how Trump had used Twitter to speak out to many of his followers, past the ‘mainstream media,’ and then continues on to say, “…it could be that while unemployment and the economy worsens he could have undermined the messaging so much that he could control exactly what people think, and that is our job…” which can be seen as an excellent example of a slip of a potential agenda of such network/s. Many have debated on whether it was a simple slip of words, but others say that it could not have been, since the words she had used were very specific and fit too well with a potential agenda that many accuse these news networks/media networks of, especially when, and this may be taken many different ways, when she says ‘he could have undermined the messaging so much,’ indicating that she herself, a host of the network, considers their network as dispatching ‘messaging’ to the public, and also when she speaks before, “WHILE unemployment and the economy worsens.’ This yet again can also be taken many different ways, but the popular interpretation of this is that she had ‘blown cover’ of this potential agenda of degrading said matters, while knowing it. (Note: I am not a supporter of Trump, nor am I biased toward him/hate him unreasonably.)

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