MSNBC reported some real news yesterday, probably by mistake — Amazon Raking In Billions, Some Employees Relying On Food Stamps

Every now and again, MSNBC reports some real news about actual issues, it happens rarely, but when it does, it is sweet.

So when I saw this story on YouTube yesterday about Amazon raking in billions, while many of its employees rely on federal assistance like SNAP so they don’t go hungry, I was surprised to see the source of the information.

Jimmy Dore made this great video about the time that Chris Hayes accidentally told the truth about the most recent massacre at the Israel-Palestine border by the IDF on Palestinian protesters, so it’s rare when it happens, but when it does, it’s worth noting.

Anyways, Jeff Bezos is a scumbag who is literally the wealthiest person in modern human history, yet he doesn’t want to pay his workers a living fucking wage, where they don’t have to rely on food stamps so they don’t starve. Instead he would rather have, you, the taxpayer, pay for his employees food.

This is an incredibly fucked up paradigm, with the Amazons and Walmarts of the world fucking over their workers so much, even though they work full-time for these mega-corporations, they still need assistance from John Q. Taxpayer.

End the corporate welfare for Amazon and Walmart.

We should boycott these corporations until they begin treating their workers better.

It’s not like there aren’t an abundance of online retailers to compete with Amazon.

h/t User_Name13