Mueller Has “NOTHING” All Just An Illusion! – POTUS “CHECKMATE

by Thinker

Another failed investigation, case against the 45th POTUS, Donald J. Trump. Mueller is getting kicked out of the “Be Best” club for not telling the “TRUTH” that Trump is trying hard to reestablish back in government. Take an inside look at the other government that has given the world the best “CIRCUS SHOW” in any government in the history of the world!

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What a shame!

Politicians & Commanders who sold out the American Name!

Veterans, Troops, Civilians, learning the “TRUTH” standing behind the POTUS with HONOR!

FBI Richard Taus will be vindicated & Mueller will be taking his place!!

The rest of the story from the information above, is in the information below. In 1942, the selling off of almost everything dear to you by the NAZI’s (NASA) who came on through. History shows how the infiltrators staying loyal to the the throne of Germans enslaving the people!

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Why do the American people still give England tax money?

Mueller knows!

Executive Orders that changed a nation to kickstart the “new world order!!!”…_Roosevelt