Multi-year declines in stocks are unusual. When they do happen, the declines tend to accelerate in year 2 and 3. Could this be the markets 2022-2024?

by silvertomars

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Elon Musk Predicts “Serious Recession” in 2023, Announces Plans for Twitter and Tesla

Elon Musk, the billionaire head of Tesla, Space X, and Twitter, on Thursday predicted a “serious recession” in 2023 and promised not to sell Tesla stock next year “under any circumstances.”

Speaking in a Twitter Spaces audio forum, Musk also assured investors Tesla hadn’t “skipped a beat on execution” since he took over Twitter. Twitter required an initial period of intense focus to get its “insane … costs under control” to stop it from going “flat bankrupt” next year, Musk said.

“I was still doing Tesla work during that time as well, by the way. And I think really Tesla has really not skipped a beat on execution,” he said. “The Tesla team is doing an incredible job across the board in execution.”

Tesla share prices fell further on Thursday over concerns about slowing demand for electric vehicles. Musk’s stock sales and focus on Twitter have also been blamed as a contributing factor, but Musk rejected this on Thursday, blaming the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases.

Infographic: While Optimism Wavers For 2023, Hope Still Wins Out | Statista


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