Mushrooms on Mars? Scientists claim to have found evidence of FUNGI on the Red Planet…

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  • Researchers studied photos of the Martian surface taken by rovers and orbiters
  • They say there are repeating and changing patterns of dark patches
  • They also saw evidence of circular blobs that appeared and grew in a few days
  • These are evidence of fungi, mold, lichens, algae and similar species, they say 
  • The authors say it would be ‘surprising’ if there wasn’t life on the Martian surface 

A scientist dubbed the ‘Space Tiger King’ has claimed that strange ‘puffball-like’ rocks on Mars are actually mushrooms.

Microbiologist Dr Xinli Wei from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, astrophysicist Dr Rudolph Schild from Harvard-Smithsonian and Dr. Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, aka Space Tiger King, made the claims after studying images snapped by NASA’s Curiosity rover on the Red Planet and the orbiting HiRISE craft.

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Their study, was has met been with skepticism from the scientific community, argues that what NASA called rocks are actually fungus-like specimens growing in the Martian landscape.

The trio claim that these ‘mushrooms’ seem to shrink, appear and disappear over a period of days, weeks and months. In one example, the team says there is evidence of fungi resembling Puffballs on Earth ‘re-sprouting’ in tracks left behind by the NASA Curiosity rover.

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