Muslim communities establishing private and armed compounds in the United States.

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NO-GO ZONES: Not just for Europe anymore.
These people are learning terrorist-type training: Kidnapping, etc.
They are coming in from your Southern Border (open). Build a f*cking wall or something.

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11 thoughts on “Muslim communities establishing private and armed compounds in the United States.

  1. Another reason to vote for Trump who said quite a while back he would look into these camps and i am sure get rid of them. He would have plenty of volunteers to help if he asked.

  2. If you are not a Muslim, they will do to you what they are doing in the middle east.
    Raping Women, boys, and little girls,
    When they are done raping you they will kill you!
    Convert or die, that is the Muslim way.

  3. If we do not remove their stinking carcasses from OUR country , we deserve what’s coming. The FBI is watching these camps and around 1,000 terrorists in our country … they are watching them. They are not destroying these camps , they are letting them fester. They are watching these terrorists instead of arresting/killing/deporting them. They are being left alone for a reason , and it’s not a good one. Feel safer yet ?

  4. These so called camps will be over ran by real Americans if a Jihad is called for in the United States. And those Americans, will not be wearing badges.

  5. Fedgov looks away from muslim jihadists, while launching a national force to combat American patriots, and shoot them (patriots) in the streets! To them Americans are the terrorists, and if they don’t manage to kill you, they will make up charges until you have 20 consecutive life terms!
    Muslims good, Americans bad. Now all you domestic extremists (conservatives, gun owners, constitutionalists, Christians), we (fedgov) are coming for you …

  6. Too bad that liberals who think Trump hates all Muslims, will never watch this video. It’s just another conspiracy theory to them

  7. But white Patriots protesting face MURDER from the feds! These camps are training Obama’s national police force!

  8. this will change after the Presidential election…after all, Obama has set the stage for rule by executive order and the need for a Congress is no longer neccessary. President Trump is up to speed on all the issues and has a lot of insiders and outsiders ready to roll! Let’s Roll Donald!

  9. One day this will be a BIG problem. The Moslems are waiting for that day and they will be ready. Like I said, it will be a BIG problem.
    The negro sodomite you put illegally in office is just too happy to express his feelings about this.

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