Must Watch: AZ LEO Tasers man holding knife who then faceplants and stabs his own neck

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A Glendale, Arizona, police officer used a Taser on a man who refused to put down a knife, causing him to fall to the ground and stab himself in the neck, body cam footage obtained by Fox News shows.

The incident occurred Nov. 23 after officers were called to the scene of a “suspicious” fire, police said. Upon arrival, officers found an individual who was “acting odd.”

..At some point, the individual produces a large kitchen knife. The officer can be heard giving the man repeated commands to drop the knife, but the man appears not to comply.

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“Put the knife down now,” the officer says.

The officer can then be seen using a Taser to try to de-escalate the situation. The man with the knife falls face-first onto the ground, causing the knife to go through his neck and cut the officer.

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