Must Watch – Louie Gohmert House Floor Speech 09/13/2018

I just happened to catch this yesterday by accident but it’s a really good watch for those counting the days until Justice is served!

Louie Gohmert goes hard on FISA COURT JUDGES themselves (finally – been rolling my eyes and waiting for someone to call them out for probably being in on it), CHRISTOPHER WRAY (who he lambasts for doing absolutely nothing to clean up the mess at FBI/DOJ and actually making it worse and requests he step down / be removed), and ROD ROSENSTEIN Obstruction entrapment attempt (no explanation needed). Also cites an article where Comey previously said in an interview, “I’ve moved from Communist to wherever I am now.”

Anyways, really good little speech and I wish we’d hear more about potentially complicit FISA Judges and traitorous Christopher Wray on Hannity and the other nightly shows.

He starts at at 5:20:00 but you can skip to 5:25:30 for him starting in on the Russia Collusion mess etc.

Would embed it but don’t see it on Youtube but feel free to add if you find it.


He actually calls Rosenstein a “a manipulative little demon” LOL


h/t Grape Nuts