My Home, Maggie Valley, NC, Has Been Chosen As A Target By Black Lives Matter

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By – Pamela Williams

As I write this, approximately 150 Black Lives Matter protesters are marching upon our sleepy little tourist town in the hills of Western North Carolina.  This will be there second trip here. 

I will be posting an article about their first protest here in the Valley. I imagine they chose Maggie, as we never have trouble here. We are a peaceful community of believers, who only seek the best for one another regardless of skin color. I am not going to lie and say a I do not resent this invasion by these people, as I do. We have enough trouble and unrest in this Country right now without this.

Due to the Covid – 19 upheaval, there are people who could be evicted from their homes. And as I just read, there are no easy answers. If a landlord does not receive rent money, he cannot pay taxes on his property.  Our businesses are suffering greatly here, as without tourists we have no businesses.

Do you think our protesters might be interested in purchasing a carved black bear statue from a local artist? Somehow, I think not.

Below is an article from a local newspaper.


Two weeks after a Black Lives Matter march in Maggie Valley turned volatile between protesters and counter-protesters, organizers are set for a second event as the small tourist town looks to avoid another clash.

Dylan Davis, 18, one of the organizers of the event said protesters will meet Aug. 1 at 2 p.m. at the town hall park and march to the fire station and back, a distance of over two miles. 

Davis, who also participated in peaceful marches in Canton and Waynesville, said they were caught off guard by the number of counter-protesters during the first protest July 18.

It was our first time dealing with that and we didn’t have the best plan to handle it,” Davis said.

We’ve all agreed that engaging (the counter-protesters) should not have happened, especially coming from people trying to be peaceful,” he said. “It did not give out the right message. They have just as much right to be there as we did.”

Videos posted on social media showed marchers encountering enraged counter-protesters, who waved American, Confederate, Trump and thin blue line flags and heckled protesters as they walked past them. 

At the Holiday Motel, a spot where many counter-protesters waited, its sign read, “BLM incites violence. All lives matter. One love — all humanity.”

When the marching stopped, the protesters were approached by several counter-protesters, some of which had to be restrained by police. Maggie Valley police officers were overwhelmed by the scene and more officers were called in from the Waynesville Police Department and the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office.

Both offices will again assist during Saturday’s demonstration.

“Whatever they (Maggie Valley PD) requests we will lend a hand,” said Haywood County Chief Deputy Jeff Haynes. “Anytime a situation occurs like this, we want what is best for everyone. Safety is our primary concern.”

Both offices will again assist during Saturday’s demonstration.






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