My local Sheriff tells Dewine “Im not the “mask police,” and I’m not the “curfew police,” either.

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He even talks about Dark Winter and how Biden is a POS HAHA! My local sheriff is the shit, if more places had guys like this in charge, we would be much better off!

Butler county, Ohio (FOX19) Sheriff Jones – He is not the “mask police,” and now Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says he’s not the “curfew police,” either.

“This curfew is going to do nothing, absolutely nothing,” Jones said.

Jones, who has been outspoken about COVID-19 orders being the responsibility of law enforcement, doesn’t support Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s statewide curfew announced Tuesday to curb the spread of COVID-19, and he says he will not enforce it.

“Everybody is fatigued and tired,” said Jones. “The governor is a nice guy, [but] never reaches out to law enforcement. None of my fellow law enforcement people, we’ve never been talked to. We find out what is going on when we see him at the news conference.”

Twitter clip.

Full video at link.


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