My “New Rules” to Save America

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by Wayne Root

I may be a conservative, but I’ve always enjoyed Bill Maher’s show “Real Time” on HBO. I especially like his “New Rules” segment. So here is my version. These are my “New Rules” to save America. Because America needs saving. In my opinion, even with President Trump in the White House, we are headed down a path to disaster. It all revolves around illegal immigration.


Yes, Trump is fighting the good fight. And he’s winning some key battles. But this is like the movie “300.” It’s Trump against the world. Trump and the good guys need the cavalry.


So, here are my New Rules.


NEW RULE #1: Conservatives aren’t against immigration. I love immigrants. LEGAL immigrants. Immigrants who want to work, not live on welfare. So, let’s straighten this problem out. We need a 7-year ban on welfare for immigrants. Simple. You will come here to work, or you can’t come here. If liberals want to chip in for hardship cases, great! Start a liberal charity and donate your own money to immigrants down on their luck during their first seven years in this country. But the American taxpayers won’t be paying a dime for welfare for new immigrants anymore. Period. Now let’s see how many immigrants really want to come to America to work, to start a new life, to better their children’s future.


NEW RULE #2: It’s so clear illegal aliens are voting by the millions. Especially in California. And here in Nevada too. Remember, CNN’s poll 10 days before the election showed Trump winning Nevada by seven points. Then he lost by 27,000 votes. You can bet your last dollar that well over 27,000 illegal aliens who registered at Nevada DMV offices provided the margin of victory for Hillary.

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Trump lost the whole country by 2.9 million votes, but lost California by over 4 million votes. You can bet the 10 million immigrants who live in California (more than half of whom are illegal) provided the entire margin of popular vote victory nationally for Hillary.


So, President Trump needs to pass an Executive Order mandating immediate deportation for any non-citizen voting in our elections. Democrats should love this. They’re the ones so worried about “foreign interference” in U.S. elections. What could be more “foreign” than foreigners physically voting in our elections? Isn’t that far worse than Russians paying for a few Facebook ads? Illegal aliens come here illegally. Fact. Then they use fake ID, another crime. Fact. Democrats have made it easy to register at DMV with no questions asked. Fact. What makes anyone think they aren’t voting illegally? I may have been born yesterday, but I wasn’t born in the past 5 minutes.


It’s time for President Trump to make any form of voter fraud by non-citizens (including illegally registering at DMV) into a crime punishable by instant deportation.


NEW RULE #3: President Trump promised the wall would be built. He also promised it would be paid for by Mexico. I agree. There are three ways to pay for the wall, without costing U.S. taxpayers a dime.


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I’ve already discussed one. By eliminating welfare for immigrants for the first seven years, we’d easily save enough to pay for the wall (and then some). That’s the power of synergy!


Secondly, by building the wall, we’d dramatically cut off gangs and drug trafficking. The savings in cops, courts, prisons and healthcare/rehab costs (think about the opioid epidemic) would more than pay for the wall. In Israel, their massive wall has cut terror attacks from 10,000 per year to under 100. Amazing. Our wall will cut off terrorists, gangs and the flow of drugs.


Thirdly, it’s time for President Trump to go over Congress’ head. It’s time for an Executive Order mandating a “surcharge” of 10% on every remittance dollar sent by immigrants out of the United States to their homelands. That’s 10% of $140 billion, according to the World Bank. That alone would raise $28 billion over the next two years, paying for 100% of the wall. Presto. The wall is paid for, without costing American taxpayers a dime. If Trump can’t legally do it, then the GOP Congress can.


Any one of those would pay for the wall. Putting all three into play would leave enough money to pay for fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure.


New Rules. America is saved. How cool is that?


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