My portfolio hit 600k!

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by timeinthemarket

I made a post last year when it hit 500k so here’s another one. Below is a picture of the growth this year.

Portfolio 6/9/19

I track my portfolio on a monthly basis so the 600k total is from 6/9/2019.

Started tracking in 2015 when I was sitting at 293k. Started to get more serious about saving then. Average salary in my life has been 80k.

Hit 300k on 3/13/2016.

Hit 400k on 4/9/2017.

Hit 500k on 3/11/2018.

Hit 600k on 6/9/2019.

500k to 600k took longer than the others due to a flatter market.

Here’s my asset allocation right now – pretty close to targets.

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It’s mainly index funds with 5 individual holdings in my taxable accounts. I also recently started an M1 account for some higher risk plays but that’s only like 10k.

Cash is not listed within the asset allocation but I have it when I can’t find good values. In order to prevent timing the market, my max cash holding is 10% per my investment plan and if it reaches above that, I start investing. Right now cash is at 9.5% of my overall holdings, the highest it’s been in a ages. It’s only that way because I recently sold a good chunk of my biggest holding.

I still invest every month via 401k/HSA contributions and ESPP even when I’m holding cash so that I’m always pouring money into the market.

Here’s to 500k or 700k next!


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