My wife and I paid off $16,000 in credit card debt in 18 months. What I wish someone would’ve told me.

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by east_off

Credit Card debt is a SLIPPERY as hell slope. Manage it from the beginning. Here’s what I wish someone told me but nobody did…

1) DELETE the mindset of “I’ll pay it off later… bc you won’t.”

2) unlike a car or home, CC debt compounds in the opposite direction and will not go away.

3) Read Dave Ramsey’s Book, follow it.

4) no vacations or eating out. Attack the hell out of the debt. It’s worth the sacrifice to be free.

5) communicate every purchase with SO. Communication got us in trouble in the first place.

6) break it down into weekly payments depending on your goal. So yes, make payments when you have the money. I made 7-8 payments a month when I had the money handy. Even 50 bucks helps.

7) become emotionless towards the money. If you say “ugh it’s a waste of my money” then you won’t pay it back ASAP and you’ll hold back.

8) the freedom from it feels so good, so focus on that. It feels good to be in control.

Hope that helps someone avoid what we had to go through.



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