Nancy Pelosi: FISA Memo REEEEE!!

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One year ago, the intelligence community concluded that the Russians interfered in our elections and plan to do so again. Yet, the President refuses to hold Putin accountable, making us all ask: what do the Russians have on Trump, politically, financially and personally?

Well sh*t, Pelosi, you’ve had a whole year. What do you find? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.
Full Release of The FISA Memo
TLDR: The FBI and DOJ conspired to pay a DNC employee to fabricate a Trump-Russia connection, and then perjured themselves to FISA court judges so they could repeatedly violate the 4th Amendment in an effort to rig the Presidential election.
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4 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi: FISA Memo REEEEE!!

  1. Would you expect anything else from lying Nancy? She’s got her tit caught in the wringer big time with this. I doubt if anyone in their right mind will vote for the Communists now seeing as how they want to wreck our country with both hands….like Bozo tried to do in his 8 years!!!!!
    Go home Nancy and count all your ill gotten money and shut the F up already……

  2. There is nothing in the memo that hasn’t been kicked around in open source for at least a
    year now. The memo simply confirms our nations patriots worst fears.

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