Nancy Pelosi Has A Theory About Trump Actually Wanting Democrats To Impeach Him

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Pelosi acknowledged to late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that Trump “knows it’s not a good idea to be impeached.”

But, she noted:

“The silver lining for him is, then he believes that he would be exonerated by the [Republican-controlled] United States Senate. And there’s a school of thought that says, ‘if the Senate acquits you, why bring up charges against him in the private sector when he’s no longer president?’ So when we go through with our case, it’s got to be ironclad.”
Pelosi has so far refused to initiate impeachment proceedings against Trump, despite growing calls from within her own party to do so.

Kimmel pressed her on the issue repeatedly during their interview.

At one point, he asked if Democrats would “be ready before the year 2020?”

“Yeah, we will,” Pelosi responded.

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