Nancy Pelosi says ‘we have to change’ narrative from sky-high inflation as midterms loom two weeks away – while Bernie Sanders admits he’s ‘worried’ about Democratic turnout

  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sounded optimistic on Sunday when talking about Democrats’ chances in the upcoming midterm elections
  • Pelosi claimed the Democratic Party’s ‘fight is not about inflation’ but added: ‘It’s about the cost of living’ 
  • She also said Republicans have ‘no plans’ to tackle inflation or cost of living
  • Meanwhile Bernie Sanders suggested he’s concerned about turnout ‘among young people and working people’ who vote Democrat

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that Democrats’ fight ‘is not about inflation’ with the midterms looming just over two weeks away.

Voters consistently rate the economy and rising costs as one of their top issues going into the race.

It’s also become a political cudgel for Republicans who are tying opponents across the country to President Joe Biden’s handling of the US economy.

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But Pelosi, who indicated she was feeling optimistic about Democrats’ chances despite the vast array of bleak election forecasts, seemed to urge her party members to focus their campaigns on something other than soaring inflation.

‘I see very clearly that the ownership of the ground is with us. It’s about getting out the vote. Everything else is a conversation compared to that,’ the California Democrat told CBS News’ Face The Nation.


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