Nancy, You Haven’t Devalued Trump. You’ve Devalued Impeachment.

UPDATE: Show trial.

In the case of Trump’s impeachment trial, the show is of hearing the accusations and the predetermined outcome is that the accused will be vindicated and nothing will happen to him. But there is a propagandistic purpose to it, and it’s some kind of effort to warn other would-be transgressors. And yet, it’s not very scary, is it? Indeed, in the future, the threat of impeachment may lose its power. It’s just political nonsense.

Like I said.

COCAINE MITCH: ‘If the Existing Case Is Weak, House Dems Shouldn’t Have Impeached in the First Place.’

House Democrats claim both that their case for impeachment is so strong they didn’t need any more proof – and that the Senate must gather more evidence before judging the case – but, both claims can’t be true, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday.

In a Senate floor speech, Sen. McConnell told his colleagues that it’s the Senate’s job to judge the impeachment case – not to gather more evidence for it – and reminded Democrats of how they’ve changed their story.

If the House wants more witnesses, they should take it up in the House.

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TRUMP BROKE HER, TO BORROW AN INSTAPHRASE: Even CNN Admits: ‘Pelosi Gambled and Lost on Impeachment Delay.’


The impeachment was nothing but a continuation of the Coup of 2016. And the saddest part of all of it? No one has been held to account. Not a single person.



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