NASA Engineer Sophia Smith Prepared to Retire After 37 Years if Religious Exemption to Vaccine Mandate Denied

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..NASA engineer Sophia Smith is ready to retire if her religious exemption is not granted by NASA. In an October 21 interview with Fox and Friends, the long-time NASA employee explained why she personally chooses not to get the vaccine.

“I believe my body is God’s temple,” Smith told Fox and Friends. “All three of vaccine use stem cells as either development or testing, and as a pro-life, I just do not believe that’s the right thing to do.”

Smith told Fox and Friends…

“So I’m stand[ing] firm, particularly in fighting for the constitutional right … our First Amendment right,” Smith told Fox and Friends. “That’s our rally. We call it the constitutional rally.”

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“We’re absolutely not anti-vax,” Smith went on to say. “People want to get vaccinated? Great. But for those of us that do not, we should not be forced to choose between our job and the vaccine.”

“If [the] president feels like it worked … why did he not force the illegal immigrants and the refugee and people who are receiving money from the government to get the vaccine?” Smith said. “Why are they forcing the people that are working to get this vaccine? It just doesn’t make any common sense.


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