National and local governments are working to reduce energy use across Europe…

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BERLIN—Lights illuminating many of the German capital’s monuments are going dark. Officials here and in the Netherlands have urged residents to take shorter showers. The Spanish prime minister suggested ditching ties to cope with the summer heat. New limits on air conditioning in Spain are going into effect there this week.

Across Europe, national and local governments are pushing to curtail energy usage as Russia cuts its gas shipments in response to Western sanctions during the war in Ukraine. The piecemeal restrictions have so far had minor but far-reaching impacts on daily life across the continent, with some public pools lowering temperatures, city centers losing overnight lighting and fountains running dry.

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The emerging policies, which so far focus on public spaces, aim to conserve energy and help stockpile reserves, officials and experts say, as well as send a message to residents who may need to cut back. The sacrifices could increase in the coming months, as countries dependent on Russian gas brace for winter and the possibility of a total shut-off.

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No plan agreed to solve Britain’s energy crisis: Fat cat energy bosses are hauled to No 10 for showdown talks on soaring cost-of-living crisis but fail to offer way forward – amid warnings bills will hit £5,000

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More Kabuki theater as the globalist stooges who run the UK pretend to scold their oligarch puppet masters. The soaring cost of living will continue unabated because neither the globalist Quisling government nor the brain-dead sheeple who elected them will address the #1 cause of inflation: central bank money printing.



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