NATO Is NOT ‘Ready’ for Direct Confrontation With Russia

by Chris Black

Rob Bauer, chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, recently said that the alliance is “ready” for a direct confrontation with Russia as the country continues to fight in Ukraine.

Bauer, an admiral in the Royal Netherlands Navy, told a Portuguese television channel, RTP, that NATO is focused on rearmament as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategic objectives go beyond Ukraine and could possibly expand to neighboring countries.

The chairman, who is reportedly advocating “peacetime war economy,” added that it is important for NATO nations to direct civil industrial production towards military objectives.

However, Chinese military experts warned against NATO’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, noting that the “danger of ‘another World War’ in Europe is increasing,” the Global Times, a Chinese state media outlet, reported on Sunday.

NATO is not ready at all.

The SMO started in 24 February, surprising most people.

Literally a week before, there was a parliamentary report published in France (the largest NATO military in continental Europe) explaining they are everything but prepared.

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France was selling military equipment to Russia until after that war had started. To say there were not prepared to face Russia as a foe in a conventional war is an understatement.

Here is the official French report

What’s interesting is they explain that not just them are unprepared; everyone else in Europe is too.

As a fun factoid, the Pentagon recently named the countries whose armies are combat units of the highest level.

These are the USA, China, France and Russia. According to a senior American general, the United States no longer considers the British army as a combat force of the highest level.

Countries such as Germany and Italy are on the second stage together with the UK. Turkey is mysteriously missing from the list.

The good news is that Rand Corp  is saying a war with Russia is unwinnable for the west and time for it all to end. 

Ukraine and NATO has lost.


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