Nearly 14 Years of Zero Interest Rate Can’t Be Undone with Two Rate Hikes of .5% and .75%

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by Chris Black

We’ve only seen part one of the inflation story that was actually caused by Covid in 2020. 

It takes 16 months for any action in base cost to make it to store shelves.

 Around the end of November the shipping crisis will start pushing through to retail prices.

 There is no current way for a distributor to make any profit right now.

 $1 in distributor input costs becomes $3 at retail. 

You aren’t talking about just $1 in extra cost, it is more like $8-10.

Moreover, rate hikes made the housing market to hit a brick wall. Homes that would have been listed at $425k a few months ago are going up for $350k and still not selling.

If you have a home worth $250k, and put it up for $199k it will still sell in a day though.

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You will own nothing.

This isn’t the start of a new recession.

 It is the end of the old world order that has been dying for 100 years.

 The New World Order takes full control in 2030. 

There may even be a major event to coincide with the 100 year anniversary of 1929.

Also, if you think you can change anything by voting harder next time, think again. 

Voting no longer matters because software can change 250k votes for a conservative candidate into 500k for the democrat.

 Stacey Abrams has already been promised Georgia. It doesn’t matter if she only gets one physical vote on Election Day. 

The election has already been bought and paid for.

 Look what they just did to Vernon Jones.

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